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25th October 2019.ZModeler 3.2.1 release notes   

ZModeler3 core have been upgraded. This is technical runtime (C++ core libraries) upgrade without any new features. However, the 64-bit version got significant changes affecting stability under Windows 10 OS. Several critical issues have been fixed, so you might expect 64-bit version of ZModeler to be more reliable now. Additionally, this update includes the most recent updates related to .z3d files. If you have noticed your .z3d files become slow on open or merge, it is recommended to resave them in current version. Your .z3d files are backward compatible, you can open them in older version of ZModeler.

Direct Download link.
32-bit version: Download ZModeler 3.2.1 (12.95Mb)
64-bit version: Download ZModeler 3.2.1 (17.73Mb)

Version 3.2.0 as fallback solution.
In case you might get problems with this release, it is recommended to backup your 3.2.0 version as fallback solution. As 3.2.1 is the latest version now, installation on version 3.2.0 is now available in automatic online mode only. In case you need to re-download version 3.2.0, direct download links follow:
32-bit version: Download ZModeler 3.2.0 (13.54Mb)
64-bit version: Download ZModeler 3.2.0 (13.76Mb)

An upgraded core of ZModeler3 requires additional Microsoft redistributive libraries to be installed prior running ZModeler3 on your system. Download vcredist_x86.exe (32-bit) or vcredist_x64.exe (64-bit) package from Microsoft website.

A package of 64-bit version includes 64-bit versions of standard libraries and some DirectX libraries required to run ZModeler, however it worth to install these libraries using standard installation packages (links above).

Changes log.

  • Overall stability of x64 version addressed.

  • ZModeler 3.2.1 Build 1195 and higher allows to use platform with no password (password is optional now). When password is specified in web account, it have to be used in ZModeler too. If you specify no password in web account, you can leave account name in ZModeler only.

  • Slow open/merge of .z3d files addressed. Removed textures on open/merge causing your project to handle a lot of [duplicate] textures inside.
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    Windows 8.1, 10, 11 with DirectX 11

    Submitted on 19th August 2023

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