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20th December 2013.ZModeler 3.0.7 Release notes   
Release notes for ZModeler 3.0.7.

ZModeler3 is available for download on the main site or can be upgraded fully via embedded autoupdate. Downloading an entire package is strongly recommended, so you get a properly-configured version at once. Since release of ETS2 patch 1.8.x an incomplete upgrade of ZModeler to 3.0.7 was already published, this official release is equipped with additional updates that you might missed during pre-release. As always, you can keep your own configuration (ZModeler3_profile.xml) file to backup your preferred settings when downloading and installing a version from the site.

Collada .DAE import/export
The filter for importing and exporting Collada .DAE files is now available in ZModeler. It is compatible with specification 1.4.1 but omits some of features like embedded animation data, splines, lights and physics scene data. The geometry import/export routines are quite robust and can handle variety of setups and configurations one might find in DAE files. This includes both, rigged and non-rigged geometry, multiple UV channels, per-vertex colors, polygons with holes and so on. A set of configuration options will help you import/export your scenes the way you need, since there are no well-defined rules on scene setup for Collada. To the moment, exports from 3dsMax, Maya and SketchUp were tested. Exports from ZModeler were not tested in mentioned apps.

Biovision .BVH animation import/export
An additional animation filter for loading/saving Biovision .BVH animation files is also included. In a coupling with DAE filter these could let you create your assets for Second Life.

Additional improvements and bugfixes.
    The upgrade involved some internal changes, so a lot of affected modules got indirect version update. However, some modules include extra features and improvements and listed below:
  • Chamfer tool fixed when options are configured after application or when tool crash was caused
  • Extrude tool fixed when causing undo to stuck or initiating unintended undo of some operations you've made after using extrusion tool.
  • UV-Remapper tool (found in menu Edit\Surface) was remastered for ZModeler3 and is now available. For example, it can be used to remap multiple SketchUp materials onto single texture atlas.
  • Animation tracks editor allows to clear range of keys from the very beginning. Also, scene animation is now handled properly, when track defines rotation keys only. So, human-like rigged models can be animated with joint rotation angles only.
  • Animation Load/Save dialog has an options control window, so animation filter options can be adjusted if needed.
  • Toolbar drop-down menu bugfix: should work in any scenario when drop-down button is clicked.
  • Flat-shaded viewport mode bugfix: will render models with right-hand local axes correctly (previously model appeared completely black). This mode behavior respects your configuration option for "Flip visible side of RH-objects" that you can toggle to force automatic flipping of right-handed models. Also, when automatic flipping is used, a property "Internal Faces flip" (found in mesh properties window under "Render Technique" branch) is not available, since manual and automatic faces flipping are mutually exclusive.
  • "Out of memory" issue was addressed, when working with a very heavy scenes. Saving or loading .z3d files is now transparently involves page-file usage and does not require extra memory for compression/decompression routines. If you have previously toggled .z3d files compression off, you are safe to enable it again. Be advice, saving a scene does not involve an extra memory usage, but the application itself can still run out of memory when working on a heavy scene for a long time, since certain routines (like keeping undo for your operations) consumes memory quite well. Reducing undo level in configuration can help in such a case.

Direct Download link.
Download ZModeler 3.0.7 (8.2Mb)

ZModeler3 requires additional Microsoft redistributive libraries to be installed prior running ZModeler3 on your system. Download vcredist_x86.exe package from Microsoft website. Note, since ZModeler is 32-bit application, you need a 32-bit x86 version of these libraries only.

Also, it's strongly recommended to install DirectX9c June 2010 Redistributive package: ... px?id=8109
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Submitted on 11th March 2018
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